The NDFA maintains a Fire Service Training Film Library for the benefit of the NDFA members. The Library is located in the NDFA Office in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Films, DVD’s, slide presentations, video and transparencies are loaned to member fire departments, local, state and federal agencies, at the discretion of the Training Director.

Each department sets a training schedule with the NDFA office for monthly showings or special requests. NDFA office has established a method of record keeping for these accounts and maintains a data file so the library has an up to date inventory of the materials.

Training materials may be used at schools, public affairs, or social groups. A local member fire department must request the materials and return them to the Library within the allotted reserve time.

Training aids are furnished to North Dakota member fire departments by request at no cost to the department. These training aids will be returned to the Library within five (5) days after the scheduled showing date. If the training material is not returned to the NDFA office in this time frame, a $50.00 late fee will be assessed to the member department. The late fee and the library material must be returned to the NDFA office before the member department will be allowed to resume use of the services provided by the Training Library.

Films, training aids, supplies, postage, etc. are handled through the NDFA Certification/Training Fund.

The NDFA Training Director is responsible for keeping records associated with the Training Library. Purchases for the Library are under the direction of the Executive Board and will be requested by the Training Director to keep North Dakota fire services current with national training materials.

Donations for the Library are accepted from any source, and a donation report is presented at the Executive Board meeting and the Annual State Convention.

The Library is maintained in the NDFA office and the films are to be kept in good repair. The training materials catalog shall be updated annually, and a copy will be given to each member fire department and the members of the Executive Board.

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