History of the
North Dakota Firefighter's Association


1884 - A Firemen’s Association was first organized in Dakota Territory on June 4, 1884.

1893 - The North Dakota Legislature appropriated funds to promote the improvement and growth for an Association of Volunteer Firemen (S. L. 1893, Ch.65).

1901 - The North Dakota Firemen’s Association was incorporated on January 20, 1901.

1935 - Regional fire schools began with a minimum of four schools (S. L. 1935, Ch. 137).

1941 - Appropriations were approved by the Legislature for various fire departments across the state (S. L. 1941, Ch. 37) and for the North Dakota Firemen’s Association (S. L. 1941, Ch. 39).

1957 - The president, secretary, and treasurer of the association annually submitted a complete report to the state auditor for moneys received and disbursed (S. L. 1957, Ch. 163).

1959 - Cities, villages, and rural fire departments filed a complete report with the department of accounts and purchases (S. L. 1959, Ch. 102), and the report by the secretary of the Firemen’s Association was also filed with the Department of Accounts and Purchases. A budget for the biennium had to be submitted in August prior to the Legislative Session (S. L. 1959, Ch. 372).

1965 - The director of the Office of Budget was required to prepare an estimate of an appropriation for the Firemen’s Association to promote efficiency and growth for fire departments throughout the state (S. L. 1965, Ch. 358).

1979 - The president, secretary, and treasurer of the Firemen’s Association were required to prepare a full and complete report on the disbursement of all monies received. The Association had to schedule an annual audit with a certified public accountant or licensed public accountant and submit the report to the State Auditor (S. L. 1979, Ch. 102).

1999 - Fire school training included teleconference meetings, videos, or other alternative means. The four regional fire schools were held at a time selected by the Firefighter’s Association executive board. Certification requirements for fire departments were submitted to the State Fire Marshal and Insurance Commissioner. The Office of Management Budget receives the Association reports (S. L. 1999, Ch. 210).

2001 - North Dakota Firemen’s Association was renamed North Dakota Firefighter’s Association (S. L. 2001, Ch. 210).

2017 - New legislation required Legislative Management to study the duties and role of the Firefighters Association and to develop and adopt a statewide fire education and training plan, to coordinate fire service training for all levels of firefighters, and to establish procedures to govern the certification process for firefighter training (S.L. 2017, Ch. 160).

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Executive Board (1898)

Annual Fireman's Convention - June 3rd, 1926 - Hillsboro, ND

Ladder Training - circa 1940

Annual Fireman's Convention - Mandan, ND - 1960

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