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2017 North Dakota


Tuesday 25 July, 2017 – Minot Rural FD @ 6:00 pm;

Wednesday 26 July, 2017 – Devils Lake FD @ 6:00 pm; and

Thursday 27 July, 2017 – Grafton FD @ 6:00 pm

This class we will take a closer look at responding to RR high pressure commodity emergencies to include Anhydrous Ammonia, Propane and Chlorine. We will further explore high pressure tank car valves and tank car construction. Students will also learn how to apply the Mid-land capping kit and Chlorine C-Kit. CP and BNSF have developed a new innovative hands on exercise that will allow first responders to better understand the challenges they will face when responding to RR high pressure rail emergencies. Work gloves and SCBA’s are required for this class. This class will be presented by Paul Hester, Hazardous Materials Emergency Manager for the BNSF Railway and ND area and Ed Dankbar, CP Rail.


Please contact the NDFA office to register if you would like to attend this class.


Train the Trainer 

The final two train the trainer sessions for the new Auto Extrication course have been set.  Here is the list for the remaining sessions:


July 29, 2017 – Devils Lake FD

August 5, 2017 – Minot FD


To remain current on our listing you will have to attend one of these 4 hour sessions.  This will also count as  your mandatory continuing education hours.  Once you attend and complete the course you will receive a full copy of the new curriculum for your use.    


To register for one of the two scheduled sessions please send your information to the NDFA office by either phone (701) 222-2799 or email at 


NDFA New Database Release

NDFA has now opened access to it's new database.  Access will:

  • Allow users to register for upcoming courses online.
  • Allow users to view/download their Transcript and Current Certifications list
  • Allow instructors to select courses to teach
    • Class rosters – view and finalize attendance
    • Submit Voucher online
  • Email notifications
    • Class registrations
    • Class cancellations
    • Reminders 3 days before class begins

To register for access each individual is required to:

1) Go to to create a State of North Dakota Login ID.

2) Click on the "log In" button in the upper right hand corner of the NDFA homepage.

3) Request an authorization code from NDFA.  This step is required to ensure access to the correct information on record.

Please contact the NDFA office at (701) 222-2799 for any assistance with the registration process.