NDFA Instructor and Evaluator Resource Page

See below for information on becoming a Fire Service Instructor.

Instructor Resources

Publications and forms routinely used by instructors.

  Blank NDFA Class Roster

  Firefighter I Training Record

  Firefighter II Training Record

  2023 EMS Registration Form

  ND CTBS Roster

  Live Fire Go/No Go Checklist

  Live Fire Pre/Post Burn Vitals Form

Fire Service Instructor

State Fire Instructors are part-time, temporary employees of the NDFA. Instructors are paid hourly for their instruction, including mileage reimbursement when traveling for assignments in their personal vehicles. Assignments to programs and courses are based on the individual’s credentials and instructor qualifications.

Certification Evaluator

NDFA completes the hands-on skills evaluations for all applicable Job Performance Requirements (JPR) outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) using qualified Evaluators. Evaluators are selected by NDFA based on their completion of the Fire Service Instructor Level I and the applicable NFPA standard that is needed for evaluation.

See below for information on becoming a Certification Evaluator.

  Evaluator Application

  NDFA Certification Policy Manual 2022

Evaluator Resources

Publications and forms routinely used by evaluators.

  Designated Reader Agreement

  Evaluator Candidate Evaluation Form

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