To Promote the Safety and Welfare of the North Dakota Firefighters Association Members Through Uniform and Established Training Standards.




The North Dakota Firefighter's Association was organized on June 4, 1884, and incorporated on  January 20, 1901. The Mission of the North Dakota Firefighter's Association is established in Chapter 18 of the North Dakota Century Code and, for Legislative purposes, is a political subdivision of the State of North Dakota.  We are a nonprofit, charitable, educational 501(c)3 organization.

Learn more about the NDFA by viewing our Executive Annual Summary here.

Learning Partnership

Columbia Southern University provides NDFA members and their immediate families with the following benefits:

  • 10% tuition discount

  • Textbooks at no-cost

  • No application fee

  • Complimentary evaluation of college transfer credit and professional training classes

  • Eligibility to apply for exclusive Learning Partner scholarships

For more information about the educational Learning Partners benefits, visit their website by visiting Columbia Southern University

Interested in Becoming an NDFA Instructor

or Evaluator?

The North Dakota Firefighter's Association seeks interested and dedicated individuals to become instructors and evaluators.  If you are currently certified through the NDFA and wish to help us provide training, or evaluate candidates for certification, follow the links below:                                                                                                             


Click here to learn how to become an Instructor for NDFA.     

Click here to apply to become an NDFA Certification Evaluator. 




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