Training Props and Equipment

Equipment/Props Available

Air Monitor

Alarm Panel

Basic Skills Equipment

  • Hose Rolls
  • Ladders (x2)
  • Vent Fans (x2)
  • Ropes

Confidence Course Props

  • Collapse Prop
  • Diminishing Space Prop
  • Entanglement Prop
  • Rafter Prop
  • Wall Prop

Fire Extinguisher Prop

Forcible Entry Prop

  • Window
  • Door

HazMat Equipment

  • Green Cylinder
  • Kits - A & B
  • Placards
  • Sand Table
  • Suit

Smoke Generator

  • Fire Panel
  • Weighted Hose with Digital Nozzle

Vent Trailer

Equipment/Props available with class request:

Auto Extrication Trailer - Auto Extrication

Burn Trailer - Class "A" Structural Burn

  • Thermal Imager

Command Center - Incident Command System Class

Confined Space Prop - Confined Spae Rescue

Driving Simulator - Advanced Emergenices Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC)

Grain Bin Trailer - Grain Bin Extrication and Rescue

Heavy Extrication Trailer - Heavy Extrication and Stablization

Rollover Prop - HazMat Emergencies

LPG Props - Propane Emergencies

  • Car Fire Prop
  • Boil Over Prop
  • Dual Stand-Up Tanks Prop
  • Cylinder Prop

Pump Simulator - Pump Operations Class

  • Top-Mount Pump Simulator
  • Side-Mount Pump Simulator

RIT Trailer - Mayday

Classroom Supplies


Extension Cords


Projector Screen

Speakers (Computer)

Note: Equipment and/or prop requests will be accepted from the chief, training officer, or head of department. Departments/Agencies will be responsible for replacing lost or broken items. This does not include the general wear and tear of the equipment.
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