= Vacant = Re-appointment eligible = Termed out = Past due
Current Member Position Term Ends Made By Status
Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force Learn More Apply  
Enrolled member of federally recognized Indian Tribe Governor
Behavioral Health Planning Council Learn More Apply  
Shauna Eberhardt Family Member of an Adult with SMI 6/30/2021 Governor
Board of Massage Therapy Learn More Apply  
Consumer member Governor
Board of Occupational Therapy Practice Learn More Apply  
Carol Olson Occupational Therapist 12/31/2021 Governor
Kari Idso Occupational Therapy Assistant 12/31/2021 Governor
Board of Physical Therapy Learn More Apply  
Public Member Governor
Drug Use Review Board Learn More Apply  
Member DHS
Joshua Askvig Member 6/30/2021 Other
James Carlson Member 8/31/2021 Other
Governor's Task Force for Military Issues in North Dakota (TFMIND) Learn More Apply  
At-Large Community Leader Governor
Fargo Air Base Commander Statutory
Minot Air Base Commander Statutory
Dept. of Health Representative Other
ND University System Representative Other
Health Council Learn More Apply  
Consumer 7/31/2021 Governor
Humanities North Dakota Learn More Apply  
Joan Locken Grants and Programs 4/30/2021 Other
Leslie Peltier Grants and Programs 6/30/2021 Other
Interagency Coordinating Council Learn More Apply  
Mary Haugen Parent - Region VI 8/31/2020 Governor
Parent - Region I 8/31/2023 Governor
North Dakota Board of Addiction Counseling Examiners Learn More Apply  
Julijana Nevland Public Member 12/31/2021 Governor
Tonya Sorenson Licensee 12/31/2021 Governor
Olmstead Commission Learn More Apply  
Alisa Mitskog House Appointee 12/31/2021
Onsite Wastewater Recycling Technical Committee Learn More Apply  
Local Public Health Unit Representative 9/30/2024 Governor
State Board for Career and Technical Education Learn More Apply  
Public Ed. Board Member 6/30/2024 Statutory
State Board for Indian Scholarships Learn More Apply  
Board Administrator Governor
State Board of Integrative Health Care Learn More Apply  
Donna Henderson Consumer 8/31/2020 Governor
State Board of Public School Education Learn More Apply  
Member 6/30/2024 Governor
State Board of Respiratory Care Learn More Apply  
Respiratory Therapist
Licensed respiratory therapist
9/30/2024 Governor
Polysomnographic Technologist
License Polysomnographic Technologist
State Council on Developmental Disabilities Learn More Apply  
Consumer Governor
State Historical Records Advisory Board Learn More Apply  
Becky Lingle Member 6/30/2021 Governor
State Parole Board Learn More Apply  
Carmelita Lamb Member 12/31/2021 Governor
Darla Des Lauriers Member 12/31/2021 Governor
State Rehabilitation Council Learn More Apply  
Gillian Plenty Chief Additional Member 6/30/2021 Governor
Statewide Independent Living Council Learn More Apply  
Brittney Hogan Quadrant 3 Consumer 3/31/2021 Governor
STOP Violence Against Women Advisory Committee Learn More Apply  
Discretionary courts sub-committee
10/1/2021 Governor
Law enforcement sub-committee
10/1/2021 Governor
Provide support for committee, review of law enforcement application
Provide support and review of all sub-grantee applications