= Vacant = Re-appointment eligible = Termed out = Past due
Current Member Position Term Ends Made By Status
Behavioral Health Planning Council Learn More Apply  
Private Mental Health Provider 6/30/2023 Governor
Jodi Stittsworth Family Member with a Child with SED 6/30/2022 Governor
Board of Physical Therapy Learn More Apply  
Daniel Conn Public Member 6/30/2022 Governor
Brain Injury Advisory Council Learn More Apply  
Clayton Fegley House Representative
Represents ND House of Representatives
4/30/2023 House Speaker
Howard Anderson Jr. Senate Representative 4/30/2023 President Pro Tempore
Capitol Grounds Planning Commission Learn More Apply  
Ben Koppelman House Appointment 4/30/2023 House Speaker Appointed
Bernie Satrom House Appointment 4/30/2023 House Speaker Appointed
Jay Elkin Senate Appointment 4/30/2023 Pro Tempore Appointed
Erin Oban Senate Appointment 4/30/2023 Pro Tempore Appointed
Children's Cabinet Learn More Apply  
Tribal Nations Representative 8/31/2023 Governor
Commission on Juvenile Justice Learn More Apply  
Children's Advocacy Center Representative 8/31/2023 Governor
Committee on Aging Learn More Apply  
Region III 6/30/2022 Governor
Drug Use Review Board Learn More Apply  
MD NDMA (2 of 4) Member 6/30/2025 Other
MD NDMA (3 of 4) Member 6/30/2026 Other
MD DHS (2 of 2) Member 6/30/2025 Other
GPhA (1 of 1) Member 8/31/2021 Other
Economic Development Foundation Learn More Apply  
Member 6/30/2022 Governor
Member 6/30/2024 Governor
Governor's Task Force for Military Issues in North Dakota (TFMIND) Learn More Apply  
At-Large Community Leader Governor
Health Information Technology Advisory Committee Learn More Apply  
Rural Hospitals Representative - West River Health Systems Governor
North Dakota Large Hospitals Representative - Altru Health System Governor
Humanities North Dakota Learn More Apply  
Eric Johnson Grants and Programs 5/1/2023 Other
Interagency Coordinating Council Learn More Apply  
Parent - Region VI 8/31/2020 Governor
Parent - Region I 8/31/2023 Governor
North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board Learn More Apply  
District 1 Board Member
Governor-appointed position representing the geographical area of northwest
6/30/2023 Governor
District 5 Board Member
Governor-appointed position representing southeast ND
6/30/2023 Governor
North Dakota Council on the Arts Learn More Apply  
Region 2 7/31/2024 Governor
North Dakota Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure Board Learn More Apply  
Licensed Therapist 8/31/2023 Governor
North Dakota Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board Learn More Apply  
Aaron Garman Rural Physician 7/31/2022 Governor
North Dakota Oilseed Council Learn More Apply  
Scott Tranby Sunflower District lI 3/31/2023 Other
Matt Swenson Sunflower District lII 3/31/2023 Other
James Erickson Canola District lII 3/31/2023 Other
North Dakota State Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision Learn More Apply  
Scott Meyer Senate Appointee 4/30/2023 President Pro Tempore
Pat Heinert House Appointee 4/30/2023 House Speaker
North Dakota Workforce Development Council Learn More Apply  
Nathan Joraanstad Business - IT 6/30/2022 Governor
Renewable Energy Council Learn More Apply  
Member Representing Biodeisel Interests 6/30/2023 Governor
Rural Development Council Learn More Apply  
Carol Peterson Region III-SE 3/31/2023 Governor
Antoinette Heier Region IV- SW 3/31/2023 Governor
KayCee Lindsey Region I - NW 3/31/2023 Governor
Region II - NE 3/31/2022 Governor
Lindsey Lipp Region III - SE 3/31/2023 Governor
State Board of Cosmetology Learn More Apply  
Miranda Stanley Licensed Healthcare Provider 6/30/2022 Governor
State Board of Dental Examiners Learn More Apply  
Timothy Mehlhoff Consumer Member 3/15/2023 Governor
State Board of Integrative Health Care Learn More Apply  
Consumer 8/31/2020 Governor
Shawnel Decker Pharmacist 8/31/2022 Governor
State Board of Pharmacy Learn More Apply  
Tyler Lannoye Licensed Pharmacist 5/8/2023 Governor
State Commission on National and Community Service Learn More Apply  
Bruce Emmil Community Based Organization 6/30/2022 Governor
Marisa Pacella Youth age of 16-25 6/30/2022 Governor
Loren Balkowitsch Business Representative 6/30/2022 Governor
Lisa Meier Member of the House of Representatives 6/30/2022 Governor
State Council on Developmental Disabilities Learn More Apply  
Parent of a Child with a Disability 6/30/2025 Governor
State Information Technology Advisory Committee Learn More Apply  
Cyber Security Officer Governor
State Rehabilitation Council Learn More Apply  
Tina Bay Developmental Disabilities 4/30/2023 Governor
Additional Member 6/30/2021 Governor
Angela Dinius HB 1135 Employment of People with Disabilities 4/30/2023 Governor
Parent Training and Information Center 6/30/2024 Governor
Statewide Independent Living Council Learn More Apply  
Quadrant 3 Consumer 3/31/2021 Governor
Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council Learn More Apply  
Employer with less than 25 employees 9/30/2022 Governor