= Vacant = Re-appointment eligible = Termed out = Past due
Current Member Position Term Ends Made By Status
Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force Learn More Apply  
Psychologist 2/28/2022 Governor
Behavioral Health Planning Council Learn More Apply  
Individual in Recovery (SUD) 6/30/2024 Governor
Private Mental Health Provider 6/30/2023 Governor
ND National Guard 6/30/2024 Governor
Jodi Stittsworth Family Member with a Child with SED 6/30/2022 Governor
Board of Occupational Therapy Practice Learn More Apply  
Sarah Nielsen Occupational Therapist 12/31/2022 Governor
Board of Physical Therapy Learn More Apply  
Daniel Conn Public Member 6/30/2022 Governor
Children's Cabinet Learn More Apply  
Tribal Nations Representative 8/31/2023 Governor
Commission on Juvenile Justice Learn More Apply  
Children's Advocacy Center Representative 8/31/2023 Governor
Committee on Aging Learn More Apply  
Region III 6/30/2022 Governor
Drug Use Review Board Learn More Apply  
MD NDMA (3 of 4) Member 6/30/2026 Other
GPhA (1 of 1) Member 8/31/2021 Other
MD NDMA (1 of 4) Member 11/30/2024 Other
Economic Development Foundation Learn More Apply  
Kari Ness Member 6/30/2022 Governor
Governor's Task Force for Military Issues in North Dakota (TFMIND) Learn More Apply  
At-Large Community Leader Governor
Interagency Coordinating Council Learn More Apply  
Parent - Region VI 8/31/2020 Governor
Parent - Region I 8/31/2023 Governor
North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board Learn More Apply  
District 1 Board Member
Governor-appointed position representing the geographical area of northwest
6/30/2023 Governor
District 5 Board Member
Governor-appointed position representing southeast ND
6/30/2023 Governor
North Dakota Board of Addiction Counseling Examiners Learn More Apply  
Kurt Snyder Licensee 12/31/2022 Governor
Marvis Doster Public Member 12/31/2022 Governor
North Dakota Board of Social Work Examiners Learn More Apply  
Lacey Corneliusen Licensed Clinical Social Worker 1/31/2023 Governor
North Dakota Council on the Arts Learn More Apply  
Region 7 7/31/2025 Governor
Erin Belgarde Region 3 1/31/2023 Governor
North Dakota Early Childhood Council Learn More Apply  
Elected Member of a School Board 6/30/2023 Governor
North Dakota Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Board Learn More Apply  
Aaron Garman Rural Physician 7/31/2022 Governor
North Dakota State Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision Learn More Apply  
George Vinson Member at-large 6/30/2022 Governor
North Dakota Workforce Development Council Learn More Apply  
Nathan Joraanstad Business - IT 6/30/2022 Governor
Renewable Energy Council Learn More Apply  
Member Representing Biodeisel Interests 6/30/2023 Governor
Rural Development Council Learn More Apply  
Joyce Jt ShiningOne Side Region II - NE 3/31/2022 Governor
State Board of Cosmetology Learn More Apply  
Miranda Stanley Licensed Healthcare Provider 6/30/2022 Governor
State Board of Integrative Health Care Learn More Apply  
Consumer 8/31/2020 Governor
Shawnel Decker Pharmacist 8/31/2022 Governor
State Commission on National and Community Service Learn More Apply  
Bruce Emmil Community Based Organization 6/30/2022 Governor
Marisa Pacella Youth age of 16-25 6/30/2022 Governor
Loren Balkowitsch Business Representative 6/30/2022 Governor
Lisa Meier Member of the House of Representatives 6/30/2022 Governor
State Historical Records Advisory Board Learn More Apply  
Member Governor
State Information Technology Advisory Committee Learn More Apply  
Cyber Security Officer Governor
State Rehabilitation Council Learn More Apply  
Additional Member 6/30/2021 Governor
State Soil Conservation Committee Learn More Apply  
Barton Schott Member 12/31/2022 Governor
Statewide Independent Living Council Learn More Apply  
Quadrant 3 Consumer 3/31/2021 Governor
Benjamin Johnson Consumer 6/30/2022 Governor
Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council Learn More Apply  
Employer with less than 25 employees 9/30/2022 Governor