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Records Retention Program

The Records Management Division of ITD, under authority of the North Dakota Century Code Chapter 54-46 is responsible for establishing, implementing, and administering a records management program for state agencies, boards, commissions, and higher education institutions. A key component of any comprehensive records management program is researching and preparing records retention schedules that identify how long records are to be maintained. Administrative, audit, historical, and legal requirements are considered when establishing retention timeframes.

A Records Retention Schedule is developed to:

  • Provide direction to state employees on how long records are to be retained.
  • Specify how long records are retained in active file systems and inactive storage.
  • Identify records which have important historical value and ensure their protection and long-term maintenance.
  • Promote efficiency in records processing, distribution, and storage.
  • Eliminate maintenance of duplicate records.
  • Ensure access to public records.

Records commonly used by all agencies are identified on the General Records Retention Schedule. All other records are found on department/division specific retention schedules. Each record series is reviewed by the Records Management Task Force. Members of the Task Force are as follows:

  • State Auditor - Fiscal reporting or audit requirements.
  • Office of Attorney General - Federal, State, or other legal retention requirements.
  • State Archivist - Historical value.
  • State Records Management Administrator - Assignment of overall retention timeframe.

The longest retention timeframe specified is generally selected as the total retention requirement.

View information on record series by entering search criteria in the area below.

1. Enter a Record Control Number (RCN) and Department to display details for a specific record series.

2. Enter a Department and Division to display a list of all record series for that area.

  • Click on a specific record series for details.

3. Narrow search results through filter options

  • Record series are not deleted from the system. They are made Inactive and can be included in the search results.
  • Include records from the ND General Records Retention Schedule.
  • Records that have been disposed as part of the annual records disposal process are included by default.