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Hunter Education Requirement: Persons born after 1961 must complete a certified state or provincial hunter education course and present the certification card earned to the license vendor to purchase a North Dakota hunting license. Exemptions: Persons who hunt only on land they own or operate; persons under 12 years of age (those under 12 may hunt if they have appropriate license and are accompanied by parent or guardian).

Other information: Enrollee must be 11 years old within the calendar year. Attendance is mandatory. If you do not attend, you will lose the opportunity to take a class this year. You may not enroll in more than one course at a time.

Persons requiring special accommodations (i.e. physical accessibility to the building, captioned movies, signing, material reading, Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Services), should contact the Game and Fish Department at 701-328-6615 two weeks prior to the beginning of the class to make arrangements for special accommodations.

List of Education Courses (Includes Gun, Bow, and Trapping Courses)

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