Online Dealer Search

Dealer Search

This system is for searching active North Dakota dealers by Dealer Number, Type and/or City.

This system is for searching dealer's records to be viewed and PRINTED ONLINE ONLY. You must have a printer in order to print a copy of the dealer list you requested. No documents will be sent to you via mail.


  • If the Type entered only - returns a dealer list of the matching dealer type.
  • If the City entered only - returns a complete list of dealers in a specified city.
  • If all fields left blank - returns a complete list of North Dakota dealers.
  • If Type and City are entered - returns only those dealers meeting the selection criteria.

The following are the types of dealers currently registered in North Dakota:

  1. New Motor Vehicle Dealer (e.g. N123)
  2. Used Motor Vehicle Dealer (e.g. U1234)
  3. Motor-Powered Recreational Dealer (snowmobiles, ATV's, motorcycles, off highway vehicles) (e.g. RD123)
  4. Mobile Home Dealer (campers, mobile and manufactured homes) (e.g. MH123)
  5. Trailer Dealers (e.g. TD123)

(e.g. N123; U1234; RD123)
(Ctrl + click for multiple selections)

For assistance, please contact Dealer Services at (701) 328-1285.