Drivers License Record Request System

Drivers License Record Request System

Note: Please DO NOT use your browser's back and forward options to navigate this application. Use the buttons provided in the application.

This system is for ordering a Drivers License Record to be viewed and PRINTED ONLINE ONLY. You must have a printer in order to print a copy of the abstract(s) you request. No documents will be sent to you via mail. The cost for each drivers license record ordered will be $3.

All requestors will ONLY receive a limited driving record. The limited driving record will be displayed to allow you to print. A limited record does not include total points, violations or convictions that are more than three years old, suspensions/revocations/cancellations that have been satisfied and are more than three years old, or any crash information.

If you would like to obtain a complete copy of your driving record or the record of another person please use form SFN 51386. Mail the form and $3 fee to Drivers License Division, 608 E Boulevard Ave, Bismarck ND, 58505. If you have any further questions you may call the office at 701-328-2600.

To order a drivers license record online:

  1. Enter requestor information
  2. Enter the Name, Date of Birth, and Driver ID for each individual whose drivers license record you are requesting
  3. Verify drivers license record selection(s)
  4. Make payment online using credit or debit card
  5. Select the driver and PRINT the record. To PRINT the page, in the upper left, click 'File', then click 'Print' or click the 'Print Record' button.
  6. Once you close the application you CAN NOT REPRINT

The following cards are accepted: Accepted Credit Cards

For assistance, please contact the Drivers License Division at: (701) 328-2600.