Drivers License Donor Registry System

Drivers License Donor Registry System

Organ and tissue donation is a generous gift that saves and enhances lives.

This website will allow you to change your donor designation on our driver license database.  Due to recent law changes, you no longer are required to go to a Driver License Testing site to change your designation nor is it required to be printed on your driver license, permit or identification card.

If your donor designation is changed, you will receive a follow up letter listing your new donor designation.  In the case of a minor (under 18 years of age) the letter will be addressed to 'The Parent or Guardian of'.  Remember it's always important to share your decision with your loved ones.

This is a secure website and all fields are required to be entered.  You must have a North Dakota driver license, permit or identification card in order to use this service.  If you have any questions or concerns about using the online donor registry, please visit your nearest driver license site.

Organ and tissue donation in North Dakota is managed by LifeSource. If you have questions about donation, please visit LifeSource at or call 1.888.5.DONATE.

All Information Listed below MUST MATCH the information on your current license and driver record file to continue with the donor registry.

(no hyphens or spaces)

*Donor Designation: